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Integrative Medicine Consultation

Integrative Medicine Consultation is an in depth appointment meant for children who are experiencing a chronic condition.  We will review your medical records, listen to your history, and complete a physical exam.  Our goal is to discover the root causes of the condition and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Mental Health Care

Integrative mental health care means treating the whole child.  Your mental, emotional and physical health are all connected.  Dr. Little addresses the importance of healthy lifestyle habits in the treatment of ADHD, anxiety and depression. 

Medication prescribing may be maintained through your primary care provider or transitioned to our office.  Referrals for counseling or additional services will be recommended if needed.

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Common Childhood Illnesses

Dr. Little provides integrative consults for the following common childhood illnesses: 

Recurrent colds 
Recurrent e
ar infections
Stomach aches 
Eating and weight concerns 
Sleep trouble  
Overall wellness

If your child has other health concerns and you are unsure if an integrative approach may be helpful, please call our office.  Dr. Little will be happy to speak with you and answer your specific questions. 

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Treatment Types

We will work together and make a plan to improve your child’s health.  Our integrative treatment plan may include suggestions in the following areas: 

Physical Activity
Mind-Body Connection
Stress Management 
Auricular Acupressure 
Energy Medicine

Referrals for additional complementary medicine treatments will be recommended if needed. 

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