Initial Comprehensive Consult
(typically 60-90 min)

An initial consult appointment is meant to address either a mental health concern or a common childhood illness.  Together we will take a deep dive into your child’s health and lifestyle.  We will make a plan to address your concerns and improve overall wellbeing. 

3 Visit Package- Initial Consult and 2 Follow Up Visits

This 3 visit package is paid up front at the time of the first office visit, but offers $100 in savings.  We will spend 2-3 hours together over the course of the 3 visits.


Telemedicine visits are available for residents of South Carolina and North Carolina.  An in-person visit is preferred for initial consult, but both in-person and telehealth are available for your convenience. 

Follow-Up Visits
(typically 30-45 min)

We will follow up on any treatments or lifestyle changes that were discussed at our initial consult appointment.  Follow up visits can be scheduled as frequently as desired to continue to make steady progress towards your health goals.  

Same Day Sick Visits 
(typically 30 min)

We use the same integrative approach and provide all appropriate therapies to address your child’s acute illness.  On-site lab testing is available and any required prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy the same day.


Fullscript gives my patients access to top-quality supplements and features to help them achieve their wellness goals. I send recommendations to their device, they purchase supplements, and Fullscript delivers right to their doors.

Payments and Insurance

Inspire Integrative Pediatrics is out-of-network with all insurance companies.  All services are self-pay.  We will provide a superbill that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement or application to your deductible.